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Kydex® 100 is a high impact fire rated sheet offering superior performance in formability, rigidity, impact resistance, fire retardancy, and chemical resistance. This high performance thermoplastic sheet is available in a wide range of standard and custom colors, textures, and sizes with the lowest minimums.


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Generic Name
Polymethyl Methacrylate/Polyvinyl Chloride

Available In

UL94 V-0, 5V and UL 746C

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Stock Products Properties Applications Advantages


Sheet 48″W x 96″L CTS 36 standard colors
Other Diameter .028”, .040”, .060”, .080”, .093”, .125”, .156”, .187”, .250”

Give us your cut-to-size dimensions. We will precision-cut these plastics to your exact size. Additional sizes and colors available upon request.


Physical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Density lb/in³ D792 1.35
Mechanical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Tensile Strength psi D638 6100
Tensile Elongation @Break % D790 160
Flexural Modulus psi D695 335000
Hardness, Rockwell 94
IZOD Impact Strength Notched ft-lb/in D256 18
Thermal PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Heat Deflection Temp at 264 psi °F 173
Flammability Rating UL94 V-0, 5V


  • Aircraft interiors
  • Equipment housing
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Equipment parts
  • Kiosk housings
  • Orthopedic braces
  • Medical equipment
  • In-store displays


  • Rigid
  • Impact resistance
  • Fire rated
  • Easy to form
  • Easy to machine
  • High break resistance
  • Chemical resistant
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