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emco fabrication service

From prototype to production runs, Emco makes the process of buying fabricated plastic goods easy and worry-free. Our highly skilled acrylic fabricators can handle your job.

With over three decades of refining our manufacturing, machining, and fabricating techniques, we have mastered the process of producing quality plastic components for a variety of industries. From material selection to tooling design and testing, we have the resources and expertise to service you with an all-encompassing range of fabrication techniques and machinery.


Emco’s range of machinery and techniques include thermoforming, die cutting, drape/oven forming, edge finishing, solvent welding, laser cutting, and CNC routing.


Thermoforming is the process of molding a thin sheet of plastic around a male or female mold. Several kinds of thermoforming are available, including infrared heating, which is a popular choice among plastic fabricators. It’s a contactless process and capable of producing a variety of products. Thermoforming is a safe and economical means of heating plastic in a few seconds with a cool down time that can be lessened with additional cooling methods.


Die cutting is the process of designing a custom die and using it to cut components out of a sheet of plastic. It’s inexpensive and quicker than most other methods of plastic fabrication. Almost any shape or pattern can be cut out of the sheet since the main limitation of this technique is the design of the custom die itself. 


With drape forming or oven forming, the plastic retains its thickness and surface finish. This technique works great with sheets, rods, and tubing, and uses molds that are barely smaller than the desired dimensions so that there isn’t a need for wasteful, reductive processes.


Plastic edges can be finished to a variety of standards and specifications depending on need. Edges can be saw cut, milled, flame polished, machine polished, hand polished, beveled, and more.


Solvent welding uses solvent chemicals and liquid polymers to permanently combine plastic. While it is a useful technique for merging plastic, it does result in a weakened substrate and an unsightly blemish where the two plastics were fused.


Our experience with the food and beverage, OEM replacement parts, chemical processing, and display industries reveals the wide range of plastic fabrication capabilities we provide.

An important aspect to consider when fabricating plastics for the food and beverage industry is ascertaining which plastics are food-safe and capable of meeting all U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. Our extensive history of producing plastic components has granted us the knowledge of which plastics best serve specific functions such as resisting temperature and chemicals for the food and beverage industry.

Fabricating OEM replacement parts is a delicate combination between the design and function of the plastic components being produced. At Emco, we have additional machinery and personnel that aid in every step of the process. From designing and testing a prototype to eventually manufacturing it, we have the expertise mandated by the industry to produce high quality, reliable parts.

For the chemical processing industry, we understand that plastic can be invaluable. Plastic can be fabricated to serve all the requirements of the industry, most notably chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and heat resistance.

Past clients at both a local and national level have trusted us to manufacture signage and displays for an array of applications such as acrylic and PETG displays, store fixtures, and sign/brochure holders. In addition to our display capabilities, we have also fabricated safety guards, boat windshields, frames, and bubble-free PS30 joints for vitrines and museum boxes.

Whether you need a mass-produced plastic component or a custom one, Emco has the expertise and machinery needed to fabricate anything you need. For more information about our plastic fabrication capabilities, please contact us or request a quote today.


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