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Acrylite® Platinum Ice acrylic sheet combines high-end elegance with affordability. It emits a soft, reflective metallic finish with a stunning water-white edge. Its textured matte surface makes it fingerprint resistant, so it’s practical as it is attractive. Acrylite® Platinum Ice Acrylic Sheet is a superior choice for illuminated displays, fixtures, and trade show exhibits.


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Sheet .118″, .177″, .236″, .354″ 49” x 97” CTS Metallic Finish
Give us your cut-to-size dimensions. We will precision-cut these plastics to your exact size. Additional sizes and colors available upon request.


Physical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Approximate Area Weight lbs/ft^2 0.7
Mechanical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Tensile Strength @ yield psi D638 10000
Tensile Modulus MPa D638 400000
Tensile Elongation @Break % D638
Flexural Strength MPa
Flexural Modulus psi
Compressive Strength psi D695
IZOD Impact Strength Notched kJ.m^2 D256 0.4
Thermal PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Coeffcient of Linear Thermal Expansion in/in/°F D696
Expansion Due to Heat & Moisture ft
Vicat Softening Point °F 220
Smoke Density Rating % D2843
Rate of Burn D635
Electrical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Surface Resistivity @60 Hz ohms/sq D257
Volume Resistivity, 50% RH ohm-cm D250


  • POP Displays
  • Office furniture
  • Office partitions
  • Illuminated displays
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Fixtures


  • Resists fingerprints, smudges and scratches
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Weatherable


NOTE: Several grades of this material are available. For additional information regarding this plastic, contact your Emco Industrial Plastics representative or call 973-241-7223.

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