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Nylobrade® is a clear braid reinforced PVC hose made from non-toxic ingredients selected from those sanctioned by the FDA for use in food contact applications. Its NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification makes NyloBrade® a good choice for drinking water applications (temperatures up to 140°F), and food processing applications. Nylobrade® is generally unaffected by most oxidizing and reducing agents. Diluted acids and alkalis have little effect, though if highly concentrated tend to make the hose less pliable.


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Nylobrade HP

Nylobrade® HP (high pressure) sizes 3/8” I.D. and up have a tighter braid pattern and therefore reduce the hose’s resistance to bending and flexing.

Nylobrade HP
Nylobrade Push On Hose

Nylobrade® Push-On Style Hose is a blend of nitrile rubber and PVC reinforced with polyester.

Nylobrade Push On Hose
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Generic Name
Polyvinyl Chloride

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