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Kydex® WG is a decorative woodgrain thermoplastic 3D laminate giving designers the ability to incorporate compound corners, logos, and wire management holes, eliminating unsightly seams. While providing great definition, Kydex® WG surpasses vinyl overlays, high pressure laminates, and melamine in resistance to surface and edge impact.


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Generic Name
Polymethyl Methacrylate/Polyvinyl Chloride

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Sheet .030 48″x96″ CTS Wood Grain (5 different shades)

Give us your cut-to-size dimensions. We will precision-cut these plastics to your exact size. Additional sizes and colors available upon request.


Physical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Density lb/in³ D792 1.42
Mechanical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Tensile Strength @ yield psi D638 7200
Tensile Modulus psi D785 401000
Tensile Elongation @Break % 167
Flexural Strength psi 12,570
Hardness, Rockwell D256 94
Thermal PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Heat Deflection Temp at 264 psi °F 167


  • Store fixtures
  • Kiosks
  • Checkout counters
  • Cabinetry
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Door and drawer fascias
  • Moldings
  • Tabletops
  • Flat laminate panels
  • Workstations
  • Pedestals and stands


  • Rigid
  • Tough and durable
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy to form
  • Easy to machine
  • Easy to clean
  • High break resistance
  • Chemical resistant
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